An Evening Under the Stars

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"In society without the arts, everything would be black and white," says Artsbridge Board of Directors President Lee Rector.

It's like walking a red carpet. Men and women dress to impress at the 26th annual Artsbridge Gala.

"Is it a fundraiser? Of course it's a fundraiser, we're a nonprofit. But on the other hand it's really an opportunity to say thank you in the area of arts," says Rector.

Artsbridge is honoring four patrons who have dedicated their time to the arts. The nonprofit stresses community involvement; a big push from this local business owner.

"It's very important that you have to give back to the community and that's one way that I've always felt the arts are very dear and special to my heart and this is a way that we can give back to the community," says Rector.

And one way they give back is by educating kids about arts programs.
A lot of times these are the first to get cut when schools run into budget crises, but nonprofits like Artsbridge help ensure their longevity.

"What we do is try to supplement what the schools may need and make sure that whatever the economic times are, it's always time for the arts. There's always room and they're always important," says Arts Education Director Gerri Torres.

Especially for kids who are looking for an outlet of expression.

"You know if you were ever one of those kids when they were choosing sides for basketball and they said,' but I do other things well.' The arts are really for every kid but especially for children who have talents that might otherwise never be nurtured or discovered," says Torres.

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