Animal Shelters At Capacity

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Local humane societies are trying to keep up with the amount of incoming animals.

The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley and Parkersburg Humane Society are at their capacity.

Humane officers are asking that if anyone needs to bring a cat or dog in that they wait a couple of days so hopefully they can find homes for all their current animals.

Marietta Humane Officer Misty Carpenter says usually by this time it slows down, but not this year.

Parkersburg agrees, hoping they can find homes and help this problem here in the Valley.

"Adoptions have been really low, it's just been non-stop this season," says Carpenter. "Normally we have slowed down by now and not as full, but it just hasn't stopped."

"We need people to come down and spend some time with them and adopt so we can get them homes because you know, we love these animals, and we don't want to see them not get homes," says Ashlie Ferrell, Administrative Assistant at the Parkersburg Humane Society.

Ferrell says they also have sixty cats and kittens in foster homes right now.

Both Parkersburg and Marietta workers say if they don't find homes for all these animals soon, they are going to have to put them down - something they never want to do.

They stressed the importance of spaying and neutering your pets.

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