Annual Warren High School Art Exhibit

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Working hard all year.

Tuesday night students displayed their art work at Warren High School as part of the annual art exhibit.

One very impressive wood shop project came from a student who made a xylophone in class.

It's part of the art work lining the hallways so students, parents and community members can come and enjoy.

From 9th to 12th grade, students display drawings, pictures and paintings, to wood shop dressers and cabinets.

"They love to have people come and look at it and you know that's why we make art in the first place, is to brighten up the place," says art teacher Aaron Place. "They learn a lot, I learn a lot from them. So you know, it's just a great thing that they can present this to the community."

For the first time this year they added photography, graphic design and wood shop to the display.

Place says the students work so hard, they really deserve the recognition they are given.

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