Annual Trout Derby Brings Out Fishers Of All Ages

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2,000 pounds of fish, hundreds of people and one pond... the Annual Trout Derby in Williamstown is no small fishing event.

"I've been to this three or four years in a row," says Dakota Miller. "It's really fun to just get out here and catch fish."

Lakotta Midcap says the day means some relaxation time with his friends and family and, of course, catching the illusive 'big fish.'

"It gets your family together and you guys can have fun," Midcap explains. "I can fish and you can watch people catch and have fun."

The derby calls out so many people expenses for the event continue to climb. Organizer Loren Cullum says support from local businesses and residents helps ensure the derby's return the next year.

"We spent about $6,300 this year trying to get everything and raise it," Cullum says. "I'm almost 100% sure that we will raise that this year and have it again next year."

Cullum believes the success of the derby is rooted in the lives that can be changed in just one day.

"They talk about it for the next two months. You get that one kid that gets that big trout on there and he'll be a fisherman or she'll be a fisherman for life," Cullum concludes. "And there are a lot of prizes for them to have- it's a fun time all day long."

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