UPDATE: Man Buys Stolen Signs, Returns Them to Southside Business

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UPDATE 5/27/2014 4:50 PM

Antique oil signs stolen from a southside business are returned.

But the investigation continues into who took the signs.

WTAP aired security video from Saturday night of thieves taking the signs.

It turns out these thieves only got away with three signs because the fourth one fell out of the truck.

Now they are back at Stuart Oil after one man who bought them, returned them.

Neither the shop owner, Eric Stewart or the man who brought the signs back wanted to go on camera.

But Stewart says the man called Parkersburg Police after he saw the story on WTAP.

He is an antique buyer, buying all three signs for only $250.

"We are really happy to have them back, they are part of our family's history," says Eva Starkey, sister of Eric Stewawrt. "Not the monetary value that is not what's important, it really more the family history."

Parkersburg Police are still investigating.

Anybody who recognizes the suspect or suspect vehicle is asked to call police.

Starkey say she wants to thank the community and everyone that helped in getting them back.

Stewart says one of the signs is worth $2,000, the others around $100-$150.

These signs are an important part of the history of their shop.

This is the second time someone has stolen signs from their business.

Parkersburg Police need your help catching some people they say stole property from a southside business.

It happened around 10:00 Saturday night at Stuart Oil on Pike Street.

Surveillance video shows a man grabbing five oil logo signs off the property and loading them into the back of a 90's model Dodge pickup.

Another person, not seen in the video, then drives off.

The owners say the signs are antiques, some dating back to the
1940's and worth a couple thousand dollars.

Following the events of this video police recovered one of the signs near 8th Avenue.

The other four are still missing.

"With this kind of property that was taken, it is unique," says Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin. "I look for us to figure this out fairly quickly I would hope and at least recover this property for this victim."

If you have any information regarding this case call Parkersburg Police or visit their website, where you can leave anonymous tip.

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