Applying One Storm To Another

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One problem Wood County's 9-1-1 center faced after the June 29, 2012 storm, was that its telephone lines were down in the hours afterward.

The Wood County Emergency Management Center has established communications with area fire departments if that happens again.

"So if people lose their phone lines," says Deputy Director Carl Sizemore, "they can go to the local fire station or law enforcement and receive assistance, because we will have radio contact with them."

The2012 storm also led to the beginning of construction of a new emergency management operations center in Marietta. But completion of that complex won't come in time for this latest round of severe storms.

"I predict a couple more months it will be completed and ready to move into," says Jeff Lauer, Washington County EMS Director.

One word in greater use since the last year storm has been generators. Both private and public buildings have installed them since then. But EMS officials remind everyone that safety is a concern, especially if they're gas-powered.

"Have it in an open area so they're not overcome by the fumes," Sizemore says. "A lot of PSC's and other agencies have put in backup generators so they won't have this issue again. Basically, we want people to be safe if they utilize the backup generators."

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