April Mom of the Month

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He serves and protects.

And his mom is superwoman while he's gone.

For that, Brenda Sydenstricker is WTAP's Mom of the Month.

Staff Sergeant Shaun is shipping out Saturday but wanted to give his mom this honor before he left.

He says she is so deserving and is more like "mom of the year" for all she does to keep the family together and she's always there for him and his sister Cheryl.

Brenda says she is not easily surprised and they pulled a pretty good fast one on her.

"Because you're such an amazing mom, I nominated you for WTAP's Mom of the Month," said Shaun.

"Oh my goodness. I love being the mother of these kids and I love my grandkids... all of them; love my daughter-in-law, son-in-law, love them all," said Brenda.

Brenda says the biggest challenge over the years was to keep her criticism to herself and let them grow and learn from their mistakes.

She received a bouquet from Crown Florals.

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