Archie Talley Visits the Valley

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UPDATE 9/26/2013 12:25 PM

He was at Jackson Middle School to inspire the kids...and inspire he did.

Archie Talley spent Thursday morning talking basketball and life with the students.

He had all eyes glued to him and made them feel they could do anything.

"Listen, this is my school now and you're my kids...and I love this school," he says.

Talley told the kids execution means starting something and following through.

It's directly linked to basketball, but also advice the kids can take with them through life.
He travels the nation to tell kids, never use the word "can't".

Nationally known motivational speaker and West Virginia basketball great Archie Talley visited Williamstown High School Wednesday.

Talley will be in the Parkersburg area all week talking to students of all ages.

Talley becomes a friend to the students - playing games and getting them involved.

He then talks about the importance of education and how no one can take away what you learn.

"I just remind them what they already have that makes them rich - their health, education, their family, their higher power, some things money can't buy," he says. "And that's the message we got across today - that education is extremely important, taking care of their bodies, being nice to people."

He says once kids are smiling and valuing themselves they will value other things and society.

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