Area Schools Receive An A+ In Handling Threats

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Students in the area have recently learned the importance of the drills they practice throughout the year with the different threats in the past weeks and officials from the board of education say they passed with flying colors.

"Our students are remarkable, they followed the leads of the adults, the adults know what they're doing, they conveyed a sense of calm to the students and the students followed," says The Assistant Superintendent of the Wood County Board of Education, Sue Woodward.

Woodward says there are different procedures to respond to each threat... but always keeping the student's safety top priority.

She says she knows parents have concerns when something happens but says they have a responsibility to keep all the kids safe.

"I promise though we will do our best everyday to make sure they send us the best child that they have each morning and we send that child back home at the end of the day," explains Woodward.

Woodward says they have an automated voice system to call parents in case children will be late leaving from school or need to be picked up early. Officials with the BOE say they try and do all they can to be sure all staff and students are prepared for any situation.

"They practice all the various crisis drills such as lock downs and evacuations and fire drills and shelter in place and all those types of things, so you know they're all prepared," says the Director of Elementary Education, Karen Brunicardi.

"Prior training is always important and then we also sit down afterwards and say what could have been better and then we incorporate that into our next time," explains Woodward.

Woodward explains that often times in different situations, police take over to ensure even further safety and staff has there own assigned places to be sure everything inside the school runs smoothly.

"People here at the central office report to the sight where there is an incident just to be there for an extra set of hands, and set of feet and somebody to think.. and that type of thing," explains Brunicardi.

The BOE says they are always trying to improve the system but are thankful everything has been handled excellently so far.

"It's an ongoing process of refining and making it better and safer for everyone," says Woodward

Safer for staff, students, and the community.

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