Army Sergeant From Coolville Saves Man's Life

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An army sergeant from Coolville turned into a hero on the highway, saving the lives of a driver and passenger from a wrecked semi-truck.

Sgt. First Class John Jackson was driving along highway 378 in South Carolina when he came across a truck crashed into a tree.

He saw sparks and smoke and smelled fuel.

Another soldier and civilian stopped too.

Jackson lifted the crushed dashboard up enough so the others could pull the passenger free.

From there he helped apply a tourniquet before paramedics arrived.

"I expect traumatic things to happen when I'm overseas, serving and normally when it does happen I'm ready for it," he says. "Here I was not prepared for it. I have seen those injuries before, I was glad I was able tot help civilians here at home."

Both the driver and passenger are in the hospital.

Jackson said the passenger, who lost his right leg just below the knee, could have died.

Jackson is a special operations medic and serves in the infantry.

He has served four tours in Iraq and two tours in Afghanistan.

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