UPDATE: Seized Animals Moved To Foster Care

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UPDATE 1/10/2014 3:45 PM

In good hands.

Nearly 20 animals rescued Thursday in Wood County are being cared for.

Humane officers tell us the animals are spread among three foster groups.

A vet looked at some of the animals Friday.

There is a health concern with the sheep, whose horns were never cut.

A man who has the alpaca says he wants to adopt it once this whole thing is settled.

The animals were removed from property on Wadesville Road Thursday after Humane officers discovered they were neglected and living among dead animals.

But things are looking up for the animals that survived.

"Donations are coming in with feed and they're with people that know how to take care of these animals and they'll get the best care that they possibly can," says Parkersburg Humane officer Scott Little.

The Wood County Sheriff's Office is still working on contacting the livestock owners.

Humane officers gave them multiple chances, but they say enough is enough.

Livestock owners were no where to be found Thursday as around 20 animals were seized.

Out on Wadesville Road past Lubeck, Parkersburg Humane officers and volunteers tried to corral all the distressed animals.

Humane Officers say this is a very unique cause of animal abuse.

The animals were loaded in to the stock trailer.

Humane Officers say they have been dealing with these property owners for around three years.

There were 16 sheep, a dog, a rooster, an alpaca and a horse in deplorable conditions.

After responding to a complaint call a couple of days ago officers left a notice on the residence.

They then came back Thursday to collect all the animals and spent the afternoon running after sheep.

"Come out, make them comply, they will do a little bit and then it goes right back to nothing is being done, the animals aren't fed, they aren't taken care of and they've had enough and we are pulling all their animals," says Parkersburg Humane Officer Scott Little.

Humane Officers say there were dead sheep in the pen with the living sheep, as well as sheep remains around the property.

It was not a pretty sight, as humane officers and many volunteers tried to get the animals off the property.

They say the Wood County Sheriff's office is working with contacting the property owner.

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