Arrested for Having Photos of a Nude Minor

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A Waterford man is arrested after deputies find nude photos of minor.

The Washington County Sheriff's office says they found marijuana and photos of a naked young girl in Roy Delancey's vehicle.

Investigators say a tip came into the department that Delancey might have drugs in his car. Deputies then saw the truck in Beverly, when they say, Delancey pulled over and walked up to them.

He told deputies he thought someone had planted stuff in his car.

Upon searching, deputies say they found marijuana and photos. They say the photos were of a nude minor involved in sexual acts with adult males.

"The girl, other officers did contact her. She said they were of her back when she was a juvenile, again she was the victim of another guy that has already been convicted and is in prison. That was the only girl involved in that case and I don't think there is anyone else in any danger," explains the Sheriff's Office's Lt. Mark Johnson. She told deputies the photos were taken without her permission and she was underage at the time they were taken.

Delancey first told investigators it was all a set up. "Sgt. Mankins was out, I was also out and we looked at these photos and recognized these as being photos of the same girl and same type photos from a case from a couple years ago."

After questioning investigators say Delancey admitted to taking the photos from his brother's trailer in 2011 before police could execute a search warrant.

Delancey's brother, Rodney Delancey was sentenced in 2011 for child rape and molestation.

Delancey, and his mother, were indicted in July 2012 for tampering with evidence. He now faces charges for possession of marijuana and illegal use of a minor in a photograph, a felony.

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