Fire Department Says No Signs of Chemical Spill at OU

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UPDATE 9/11/2013 5:00 P.M.

It was breaking news Tuesday at five, as the the Clippinger Lab building at Ohio University evacuated after at least one student passed out.

Calls into the Athens Fire Department say there was no sign of a chemical spill or odor.

The department says there were two girls - one was in the basement and one was outside when they arrived.

Both had possibly passed out from heat exhaustion.

After the building was evacuated and checked by OU health and safety, they found no problems.



A possible chemical spill in Clippinger Hall at Ohio University today evacuates the building and sends on person to the hospital.

Ohio University Police Chief Andrew Powers says there were two people working in a lab this afternoon when they became overcome by something and passed out.

One was transported to the hospital and the other refused treatment.

Athens fire, the Environmental Health and Safety and Ohio University Police Department were on scene.

The building was evacuated around 3:30 P.M. this afternoon and reopened around 5:30 P.M.

"Our environmental experts have evaluated the air levels and atmospheric conditions in the building and they couldn't find anything. We had the experts here from facilities management that understand the air handling system and how that works and we couldn't find any reason to believe the building wasn't safe for occupancy," said Chief Powers.

Classes resumed in the building at 6 P.M.

UPDATE 9/10/13 5:50 P.M.

The following statement has been posted to Ohio University's website:

"Ohio University Environmental Health and Safety has cleared the Clippinger Laboratories and the building is open following an incident which closed the building beginning around 3:30 p.m.

The Athens Fire Department, Ohio University Police and Ohio University Environmental Health and Safety have evaluated the area and determined there is no known hazard to the University community.

The University remains open. Evening classes scheduled in Clippinger will resume beginning with those scheduled to start at 6 p.m"
According to WOUB in Athens, at least one college student has collapsed at Ohio University.

They say it happened at the Clippinger Laboratories Tuesday afternoon.

WOUB says the student collapsed as a result of fumes from a chemical spill.

We will bring you more information as it becomes available.

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