UPDATE: New Details Relased In Athens County Shooting

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UPDATE: 6/25/2013

New details are being released in the case of a burglary suspect shot and killed in Athens County.

Sheriff Pat Kelly says 34 year old PJ Rutter broke into a house and stole money.

The homeowner's son-and-law tells deputies he fired three warning shots trying to scare Rutter. One of the bullets hit Rutter in the side, killing him.

The sheriff says Rutter did have a knife but can't confirm if the shooter acted in self defense.

He says no charges have been filed because they're still trying to gather evidence. The case is pending and may go to a grand jury.

UPDATE: 6/24/2013 4:13 PM

What started as a burglary and ended with a suspect shot to death may not head to the Athens County grand jury.

Sheriff Pat Jelly tells WTAP News the prosecution needs more evidence before bringing the case to grand jury.

It happened Thursday at a home in Glouster.

Sheriff Kelly says 34 year old PJ Rutter was shot after breaking into the house to get money. Neighbors apparently heard the gunshots.

The coroner says he died from a gunshot wound to his side.

The shooter hasn't been identified, but the prosecutor says he's related to the homeowner.
Deputies say a man has been shot and killed after he was believed to have burglarized a Athens County home.

Athens County Sheriff Patrick Kelly say it all happened just before eleven Thursday morning in Taylor Ridge, Glouster.

Investigators say 33-year-old Keith Rutter is believed to have burglarized a neighbor's house and was shot by a neighbor.

They say Rutter was seen walking up the road in front of the burglarized home then walking up a near by hill.

Deputies say someone saw Rutter exiting the house and shots were fired.

An autopsy has been ordered.

The identity of the shooter is not being released pending outcome of the investigation.

Detectives are continuing the investigation

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