Athens County Job and Family Services Director Expresses Concern Over Proposal

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Stop cutting and start helping.

That's what a southeastern Ohio official tells the state legislature.

Jack Frech heads the Athens County Job and Family Services office.

He testified Wednesday before a senate committee looking into a proposal by Governor John Kasich to change incentives for public assistance programs and coordinate employment services.

Frech says the state needs to turn around a post-recession trend of reducing funding for programs addressing residents' basic needs.

"Those families and people are hurting desperately, and we haven't had any proposals to deal with that," he says. "At the same time, we've had serious cutbacks in the safety net programs that are supposed to help these families."

Frech admits he's not optimistic about the governor's proposal.

A spokesman for the state's department of jobs and family services said the programs help with residents' immediate needs and put them on a path out of poverty.

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