Attorney General Has New Scam Warnings for Residents

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West Virginia Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey has some new scam warnings for residents in the mountain state.

"What's happening is that there's an entity that is trying to lure people in promising you'll qualify for a loan if you send a thousand dollars through a debit card or a money order. Don't fall for this, this is a scam", says Morrisey.

Another scam Morrisey says to look out for, especially this time of year, is contractor scams.

During the spring many are looking do to home improvements and scammers are ready to take advantage.

Morissey says if you do plan on hiring a contractor this spring, do your research. Make sure the contractor has a valid license or call the Attorney General's office to confirm. Also, make sure you get a contract so the work is done when you need it to be.

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