A Month of Good Eatin'

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"The sandwich pretty much goes with apple pie and baseball pretty much it's so popular," says Michael Hawthorne, lead server of the Third Street Deli in Parkersburg.

Lindsy is all about a good sub.

"I like hot Italian subs," the Parkersburg resident says.

Ronnie knows what tops his list.

"Roast beef because I just like meat and I like the Swiss cheese and all the other things they put on it," he says.

Satisfy your craving for a good lunch on one of these lazy summer afternoons with a sandwich.

"Its on the run, it's quick, it's satisfying," Hawthorne says.

August is national sandwich month and what better way to feed my hunger than at the Third Street Deli.

"You know your ham and turkey, your basic comfort type foods -- the Reubens and the turkey Reubens, Sicilians... the things they can't get everywhere else are very popular," Hawthorne says.

The ingredients are what makes it delectable.

"And ours are good quality and high quality meats and cheeses and it just makes for a comfort food," Hawthorne says.

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