Authorities Investigate Propane Grilling Tank Thefts

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Authorities in Gallia County are asking for your help.

The sheriff's office says more than 30 propane grilling tanks were stolen overnight from the Par Mar store in Vinton and the Dollar General in Bidwell.

Investigators are now checking for surveillance video.

"We don't know if they're stealing them to resell or if they're going to scrap them out or if they have some other more serious reason for doing that," says Sheriff Joe Browning. "If you see anyone transporting large amounts of these items at one time, 20 or 30 at one time, that should raise some eyebrows."

Emergency officials across the river in Mason County also say they received a call about a stolen propane tank.

They say state police are handling the case.

No arrests have been made in either county.

If you have any information, call the Gallia County Sheriff's Office at (740) 446-1221.

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