Authorities Warn West Virginians About Scams

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West Virginia State Police warn people about scams making their rounds in the Valley.

Sgt. James Stout with the Parkersburg post says people have recently reported getting phone calls from someone claiming to be from a prize center, such as Publisher's Clearing House.

The victim is told they've won a prize but they must mail a money order, Western-Union MoneyGram, a pre-paid Visa or MoneyCard to cover taxes and fees.

Police say once the money is mailed it ends up out of the country, where it can't be traced.

People have also reported getting calls from individuals claiming to be with the Windows computer operating system or an anti-virus software company.

According to police, scammers tell victims their computer has a virus and they ask for names, passwords and account information.

In other cases, victims are told to go to a certain website to fix their computer, but the website is instead helping scammers get personal information.

In some cases, the computer crashes.

Police say people should use caution, especially during the holiday shopping season.

They say if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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