UPDATE: Suspect Identified In Stolen Wallets Case

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UPDATE: 3/9/2012 5:03PM

Suspect identified and warrant issued. Police believe 50- year-old Elizabeth Westgate is one of the two people responsible for stealing wallets from a church basement and spending money that wasn't theirs.

Westgate was identified after her picture ran on WTAP last month and Friday a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Police say she and a male stole wallets out of purses in basement of St. Mary's Church in Marietta.
UPDATE: 3/1/2012 12:32 PM

Wallets turn up missing at a local church,

Now, authorities need your help in identifying them.

The Marietta Police Department says this man and woman are suspected of using the stolen credit cards and debit cards at the Marietta Walmart Sunday.

The cards used were stolen from the purses in the basement of Saint Mary's Church in Marietta.

The police ask anyone with any information on the two suspects to contact them at 740-373-4141.

It's the place you would least expect, wallets turn up missing at a local church.

Three wallets were reported stolen during a concert at St. Mary's Church in Marietta.

Those performing the concert left their purses unattended downstairs and when they returned they found their wallets, with money and credit cards, missing.

Marietta Police Captain Jeff Waite says this type of theft is not uncommon.

"Well it could be that they were in a church and they thought it was the safest sanctuary you can get, think there would be no criminal activity going on, but as we all know, crime knows no boundaries," explains Captain Waite.

Officials from the church say it's very disappointing and says never to underestimate a situation.

"Well the biggest thing I would say is you have to keep track of where your purse is. If possible keep it with you. I mean that is the safest way. If you can't find a locked room or a storage locker or something like that where you can secure it," says Captain Waite.

The missing wallets is still under investigation.

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