Awarded For His Community Efforts

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The YMCA of Parkersburg honored an individual Thursday evening for his tremendous contributions in our community.

Doctor Bob Stephens received the Edwin Dils Heart of the Community Award for his outstanding community service throughout the valley.

Doctor Stephens is the third recipient to receive the honor.

The Heart of the Community Award recognizes exemplary community service, which benefits everyone in the area.

Serving two terms as President of the Community Service Council of Greater Parkersburg and on the Executive Board of the Mid-Ohio-Valley Red Cross are among his accomplishments.

"It's a very humbling experience. Anytime you hear your name is mentioned in the context of Eddy Dils, it's a tremendous honor. But I'm especially proud that we're celebrating the Y-M-C-A tonight," says Doctor Stephens.

The ceremony also held a fundraiser for kids in the area.

This will help them receive scholarships to participate in the YMCA programs.

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