Harmar Hill BP Station Car Accident

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Close call this afternoon on Harmar Hill.

Around 2 pm police say a woman lost control of her car and blew through a stop sign, crashing right into the Harmar Hill BP sign in front of the gas station, just feet away from the gas pumps.

The gas station had to be shut down for a couple of hours and the electricity shut off.

The car was towed away around 4PM and the gas station is back up and running.

Police say no one at the gas station was injured and the driver walked away with minor injuries.
Officials say a woman driving a car did not stop in time and crashed into a BP station sign.

She was within feet of the gas tank.

Police and Fire are on the scene.

The woman sustained only minor injuries.

The station's electric has to be turned off to safely remove the car from the sign.

Officials aren't sure how long power must be turned off.

At this point they are guessing hours.

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