UPDATE: Baby In Stable Condition After Fall From Window

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A seven month old baby is in stable condition after falling from a second story window. Police say it was accidental.

Police say the baby boy is in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries.

He fell from a second story window Friday afternoon at a house in the three thousand block of Camden Avenue.

The mother tells police she and her seven month old son were sleeping in the same room when he fell out the window. The boy was sleeping on a bed next to the open window without a screen.

Police say it appears the fall is accidental and they do not plan to charge anyone.

A baby is seriously hurt after his mother says he fell from a second story window.

It happened Friday afternoon at a home in the three thousand block of Camden Avenue in Parkersburg.

The mother tells police she was in the room with her seven month old baby when he fell from a second story window. She tells police he hit an air conditioning unit in the fall and landed on the ground outside. The window is 13 feet from the ground.

Police are investigating and interviewing witnesses to determine what happened. They say multiple families live in the home. Police say charges could be filed for negligence.

The baby's father is currently behind bars for malicious assault. Police say in January, Austin Cross attacked and severely beat an unconscious person.

The baby's condition isn't available, but police say he was crying and awake when he was taken to Camden Clark Medical Center.

We'll continue to update this story as it new information becomes available.

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