Baby Steps Benefit For Paisley

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Ashley and Thad Skinner received a holiday blessing they never thought would happen.

Family and friends held a benefit dinner at the Townhouse in Marietta for their three-month-old daughter, Paisley. A blessing that will help the Skinners with their medical expenses.

Paisley has experienced Epileptic Seizures that caused an injury in her brain.

"The Skinners are a wonderful family with a very close community here and I know whenever they had their medical emergency with their daughter, Paisley, I think in a lot of ways we thought very helpless and unable to help in that medical need but we knew we could help them financially with some of their medical bills as well as some of their lost income," says Anne Spence Pudas.

The fun didn't stop there as the Marietta College Men's Basketball Team held a game in Paisley's honor.

"Being a former pioneer basketball player and for Marietta College and Coach VanderWal to allow something like this to happen, it makes it really special just to be a pio," added Paisley's Dad, Thad.

With her future unknown, Paisley's friends and family are more than thankful to see a large crowd of people supporting the three-month-old who has been seizure free since August.

"It's amazing all the work that was put into this and we are just thankful that God has blessed Paisley. We look at her as our miracle baby," replied Paisley's Grandmother, Judy Ollom.

"I feel like this it's just a wonderful celebration from where we were at when this whole thing started when we were in intensive care children's hospital and for a such small community with all their friends and family to come together, I just think it's a wonderful thing," Thad said.

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