Back To School Shopping

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For a lot of area parents, August is last-minute for school shopping.

Tthat's because a lot of schools opened for the year just this week, and more open next week. but regardless of when school opens, pre-school shopping is always...

"Maddening," says parent Erica Bryan", stressful-it's better this year, because (her 10-year old daughter)'s bigger."

It's been keeping the stores busy as well. At the Vienna K-Mart, it began last month with layaways. And it will continue through this month, and even into September, when buyers start emptying the shelves of supplies. But right now, clothing is what they're looking for.

"Apparel and shoes have been rockin'," says Vienna K-Mart manager Kyle Chester. "It has to do with the different styles of clothes for the kids in the juniors departments."

Along with Christmas, back to school is one of the busiest, and most lucrative, times of the year for retailers.

"Average transaction, I would say, has increased," Chester notes. "So, I think people are definitely out buying more for back to school than they have in the past, especially with school supplies."

After the back to school rush, stores like K-Mart start preparing for the next buying seasons: Halloween...and then Christmas.

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