Back To School Anxiety

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For many students, back to school time means wardrobe shopping, seeing classmates and friends, and early morning bus trips. However, for other students back to school time of anxiety.

"We see children who are anxious in leaving their parents," says Dr. Heidi Jache. Dr. Jache is a child, adolescent and adult Psychiatrist at L&P Services, Inc. "They cling to them, they don't want to go to the first day, or days after that. They have trouble sleeping, trouble eating. They worry about what happens if their parents get sick or hurt or separated from them."

For parents who are starting to see anxiety issues in their school aged child, Dr. Jache says, supporting your kid is key.

"You want to be supportive and understand. Not tell them they're not having these feelings, because those are very real to them," Dr, Jache says. "But at the same time you do not want to make the symptoms worse. You don't want to encourage them to stay home. Some kids feel so bad, they don't want to go to school. That's probably the worst thing you could do. So, you want to get them to school."

For parents of older children, who may be off at college and not able to come home quite as easily, Dr. Jache says taking advantage of the many resources often offered at colleges is a great way to combat separation anxiety.

"There are a lot of resources at colleges. Most of them have counseling resources and you can suggest the student go to that. You can call the counseling center and tell them your student is having difficulty," Dr. Jache adds. "In the dorms they usually have resident advisers that they can talk to and a number of other peer counselors that they can talk to."

Following these tips may be able to give everyone some piece of mind.

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