Bandits burglarize Red Cross trailers

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About 8 a.m., a red cross volunteer observed a couple of hooded individuals walking the organization's parking lot with response equipment in hand.

Upon witnessing this, she yelled at them to stop what they were doing. They dropped what they had and ran before the police arrived and are currently at large.

"The police are on top of this investigation and we've had all of our trailers broken into and equipment either ransacked or some missing," says Sharon Kesselring, development director at the American Red Cross Parkersburg. "We're going to be a couple of days before we can complete our inventory to assure what it is we have lost."

Kesselring says that when the volunteer confronted these individuals it wasn't a truly safe thing for her to have done and that's not something they would encourage. Yet, their volunteers all have a passion for what they do at the Red Cross and when they see some of their equipment walking off the premises by people that aren't supposed to have it they are going to stop them.

The equipment is funded though Homeland Security or foundation money, or individual donations.

That's why it's crucial the funding isn't wasted and the equipment stays there and isn't taken by somebody that truly isn't supposed to have it for their own.

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