Bath Salt Effects Claim Life

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He was a Belpre High School graduate, a wrestling champion, a son, a brother, and the father of a beautiful 3-year-old girl, but Jake Deal had an inner demon that he could not escape from---bath salts.

"This drug was making him paranoid, making him do things he normally wouldn't do," Jake father, Mike Deal explained.

Jake was hallucinating so badly from the drugs, he took his own life on Sunday, July 3rd.

Jake was only 25-years-old.

"This drug got a hold of him and it turned him into a person that he wasn't, and it killed him."

Ohio is waiting for new legislation to become law that makes the possession or sale of drugs like bath salts a felony, but right now, it's just a waiting game that Jake's family hopes to see enacted....immediately.

"It should be an emergency thing that's passed right now, because this drug is not a casual drug. This drug will put you in the grave."

Not only is Jake's family pushing for an urgency for the law in Ohio and nationwide, but they are also urging parents to watch out for their children so they never have to bury their child first.

"Do not enable your children. If they hate you, stay after them because some day they will love you. Keep them out of trouble."

Jake's father says Jake purchased the drugs from a head shop in Marietta, and he has some strong words for businesses that continue to sell these deadly drugs.

"This blood is on their hands. How could they knowingly sell something that they know is gonna kill somebody? But i don't think these type of people care. They're just after a buck."

A buck that will never replace the life of Jake Deal.

"I don't have a chance now for my son to love me anymore, but I don't want this to happen to anybody else."

The City of Marietta has passed an ordinance that is similar to the bill the Ohio Legislature passed, which is still awaiting Governor John Kasich's signature.