Bath Salt Legislation in Ohio

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Bath salts have been a continuing problem in The Mid-Ohio Valley and the nation.

West Virginia now has laws to make the possession and sale of the drug illegal and now Ohio is following close behind.

"We reached out to our legislators and the attorney general, his representatives, and it seemed to be just sort of a huge combined effort," Washington County Sheriff Mincks said.

The bill is currently awaiting Governor Kasich 's signature before it becomes a law, but Sheriff Mincks says he is confident the bill will be signed and already has plans to take action. "Immediately when we are given the go ahead we will be taking action on the people that are possessing....selling these type of designer drugs.

If the bill is signed, the new law may help reduce the sale of bath salts in Ohio, but it's just about as easy as clicking your mouse, to order bath salts online.

Marietta Police Department Chief Brett McKitrick says, "it's my understanding they're still ordering it online from places where it's still that's going to be a problem."

According to the bill, felony charges will result from possession or sale of a "Schedule 1" or "Schedule 2" drug which includes drugs that have no known medical use, or have a high likelihood of abuse.

"We are very pleased that the legislators acted and we now have a law that we can enforce and try to get these designer drugs off the street," Minckis said.

Sheriff Mincks says he is confident Governor Kasich will sign the bill next week.

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