Bath Salt Abuse

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State and local officials and area hospitals are receiving calls of people under the effects of a new drug called bath salts.

The drug is packaged and looks like normal bath salts, however this particular kind contains a highly dangerous drug similar to that in PCP.

The drug labels specifically say they are not for human consumption and can have serious side effects if ingested.

Marietta Memorial Hospital Doctor, Dan Breece, D.O. warns, "there are much more severe effects if they take too much of them, causing them to have renal failure, seizures, coma, and there have been reported deaths throughout the united states."

"The majority of them that we've had really bad, their comment is, I will never do this again, so it doesn't seem like a very good experience," explains Ashley Clark, Marietta Memorial Hospital, R.N.

The drug is said to only be sold in certain specialty stores.

ER doctors have seen about seven cases of bath salt abuse this month alone.

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