Battle on the Basketball Court

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It's a showdown on the basketball court.

Parkersburg police and firefighters are testing their skills in a charity basketball game Sunday.

The game is at the Rod Oldham Atheletic Center at Parkersburg South High School.

Tip off is at 2 in the afternoon.

The game is expected to last until about 5 o'clock.

Proceeds from the game benefit the Adventure Pursuit program.

"I think it'd be a fun day for people to bring family out to see the police and fire that go out and work for them every day in the city. It's really a great group of people on both sides and we give each other a hard time once in awhile but it's two totally different jobs. Both are very dangerous and I think our city's blessed to have the talent we have in both of these agencies," says Parkersburg Police Sergeant Greg Collins.

Charitable donations will be collected in lieu of tickets.

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