Beating The Odds One Day At A Time

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Beating the odds and spreading awareness.

That's what twin brothers Jacob and Ryan Hill along with their mother, Christy, are trying to accomplish.

The twins are diagnosed with a disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

"It's basically a wasting away of muscles throughout their life. At one time, Ryan and Jacob could walk, they could ride bikes, they played t-ball. They were around the ages of seven and eight when they did stop walking," says the Mother of the twin brothers, Christy Hill.

Although this disease comes with its difficulties, these brother are using that as motivation.

"I just think about things just like regular people try to think about things and stuff like that," added Jacob Hill.

"We always try to have a positive outlook from day to day. I feel like its always good to try to make negative things into positive things and I think that's a good way to carry on.

Jacob is even trying to make their lives easier by entering his family in a contest to win a wheelchair accessible van.

A great way for the hills to get their name out there to the community and spread awareness about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

"I think it's great that Jacob wanted to enter this contest, it is a good cause, somebody has to win. There are three mini vans that are wheelchair accessible that they will be giving away," Christy Hill replied.

"I find it helpful and a good idea," Ryan Hill said.

No matter the challenges the twins face, they will continue beating the odds, one day at a time.

"They want to go to college, Jacob wants to get a job this summer, Ryan, he's thinking about possibly getting a job this summer. they just don't want to sit around at home, they want to go out, they want to do things with everyone else," says Christy Hill.

You can vote for Jacob and Ryan Hill to win the wheelchair accessible van by visiting

Also visit their Facebook page, "A worthy cause!" at or

For more information on voting, please contact Christy Hill at 740-516-3384.

The contest ends on May 10th.

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