Beating The Heat At The Fair

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"Stay indoors", those are the two words that Camden Clark Medical Service Emergency Personell use to describe what to do in cases of extreme heat.

"The results will put you in the hospital. Everybody knows that. you may think...oh I'm okay or oh I'm just over heat. Yeah you are....your body's trying to tell you something," said Camden Clark Emergency Service Medical Personsell, Michael Moore.

But this week is the West Virginia Interstate Fair and Expo, and even the heat won't stop an expected crowd of over fifty thousand.

"We're drinking lots of liquid so that we'll stay hydrated instead of getting sick. Staying in the shade cuz it's so hot and humid out here today," said some fair go-ers.

"By staying hydrated, you don't want to drink soda, pop, anything with caffeine in it. Coffee is bad, any hot drinks, warm drinks, energy drinks are really, really bad," said East Wood Fireman, Shawn McColligan.

Staying hydrated is important, and also is cooling down every once in awhile.

"We have several buildings here on the grounds, as far as heat goes. We have an air conditioned building. It's 60 by 100 and people are welcome to come in and sit down. There's a dining room attached to that building so they can sit down and have something to eat and drink and stay cool for a little while," explained Angie Zoller, WV Interstate Fair and Expo Board Member.

Beating the heat, while enjoying a day at the fair.

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