Becoming Leaders In The Criminal Justice Field

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Leadership skills don't always come easy.

WVUP hosts their Youth Criminal Justice Academy.

All week long, teens 14 through 18 are building leadership skills specifically in the criminal justice area.

Activities include learning how to do CPR, a physical agility test and witness demonstrations from local law enforcement officers.

Over 125 teens applied to be in the Youth Criminal Justice Academy but only 40 of them were chosen to participate.

"The people you see in yellow shirts are C-J students at WVUP who come out and help mentor those younger kids and they build this bond that's unbelievable. We have 19 cadets that return from last year. So they just look forward to coming back every year," says WVUP Coordinator of the Criminal Justice Program, Louis Roy.

West Virginia State Police, Parkersburg Police and the Wood County Sheriff's Office are partnering up and teaching at the academy.

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