Bedbugs Found In Wirt County Housing Complex

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They're a nationwide epidemic.

Now, an outbreak reported in an area apartment complex.

Where it's been reported, is in a senior living complex in Wirt County.
Its owners say four apartments have been treated this month for bedbugs.

One was reported in a residence on April first; the other last Tuesday.

That was after an inspection in mid-April, after the report of the first outbreak, showed at the time no further signs of bedbugs.

"We're also doing the laundry room, because that's a common space where bedbugs can be carried on clothing," says Jack Bonnette, President of Millennia Housing Management, the complex's Northeast Ohio management company. "Two units have been reported, so it's just two active cases. We've treated another two units as a precaution."

The second apartment, and one next door, were both treated Wednesday by an area pest control company.

The complex's 24 units are due to get another inspection next week.

We've had reports the bedbug outbreak has spread to other locations in Elizabeth.

The owner of one business, said to be another location where they were spotted, told us that is not the case.