Being A Part Of Something Great

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Music filled the halls of Marietta College as the annual River Cities Symphony Orchestra made its way to the valley Sunday night.

People filled up the Saint Mary's Church in Marietta to see the orchestra perform Vivaldi's four seasons.

The musical piece is among the most popular of baroque music.

Marietta College Concert Choir and Oratorio Chorus were also on hand at the performance.

This annual concert gives musicians a great opportunity to perform their best.

"It's a chance for this chorus to actually to sing many many different works. We've done something different every year with symphony orchestra and it's a special privilege for them to sing with us," says River Cities Symphony Orchestra President, Mac Lichterman.

The orchestra was conducted by Maestro Turizziani.

Their next performance will be the Colony Theatre Pops Concert on June 7th at 7:30 at the Lafayette Hotel.

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