Belpre Apple Butter Stir-Off Festival

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The Apple Butter Stir-Off. Slow cooking for taste and tradition makes it worth the wait.

"We put sugar and cinnamon candy and cinnamon oil and mix it and cook it and cook it and cook it until we get this wonderful apple butter," says Susan Denes.

They start young, getting a chance to stir the simmering condiment.

"This is the best time I ever had any day," says Tyler.

Carrying on a family custom and making new memories, the apple butter does it every time.

"This is a tradition that we do every year and I grew up in Belpre and it's just something I remember as a kid coming to every year and it's something that we enjoy and I try to carry the tradition on to my children and of course we enjoy the apple butter," says Christina Gross.

At the Belpre Lion's Club, they know apple butter has a special place in the heart.

"This is our 34th anniversary doing this and we're here for the community and for the whole area for people come out and have a good time and the church does the apple butter, we have vendors come in, we've got kiddie rides this year. It's bonding over something so sweet that keeps people coming back for more. We gather together and make apple butter and sell it so that we can do the projects that we do each year," says Belpre Lion's Club President Jack Coram.

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