Belpre Board of Education Reviews School Calendar

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The Belpre Board of Education is one step closer to finalizing the calendar for the next school year.

At Monday's board of education meeting, Superintendent Tony Dunn presented the board with the proposed calendar for next school year.

Some changes this year include the school reporting in hours, rather than number of school days.

Dunn says when they compared the number of school days they had last year to the number of hours required they were well over, and he says that is a good thing.

He also says the new school calendar will be very similar to that of the current school year.

"What we would like to utilize this year is some early release days for parent teacher conferences and for some professional teacher development work days," says Superintendent Tony Dunn.

Some changes are still needed before the new school calendar is approved.

The board plans to approve it at the next meeting.

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