Farson Street Construction Follow-Up

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Farson Street construction is in full swing; so are misunderstandings and people not reading the signs.

Patrolman Tyler Heddleston, with the Belpre Police Department says if you're coming eastbound or westbound on the four-lanes, there's now posted signage and flashing signs.

He says it's also posted if you're coming from the northside. And any direction you're coming southbound onto Farson, it's well posted that it's closed up to the medical complex -- which you can still access.

"However, people are still going left of the barricade; when they do that they're actually putting themselves in danger,” Heddleston says. “I was actually out here last Tuesday, there's 18-wheelers that are coming northbound and there are vehicles trying to go southbound. While the southbound traffic is closed, therefore, we could have a southbound collision."

According to the patrolman, they're not there to write tickets all day, but if you drive past the barricade you are subject to a ticket – of $150 plus court costs.

He says it's for the safety and well-being of everyone on the road. People need to take their time, plan accordingly and drive cautiously.

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