Female Football Player Speaks Out

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She's a Belpre Golden Eagle but Adrienne Blair isn't feeling so golden.

"It's not fair that I'm not being treated the way I think I should be treated by my coaching staff and my superiors. Such as the board, sometimes doesn't want to do anything about it," said Adrienne Blair, Belpre Football Player.

Adrienne and her parents think the coaching staff is treating her unfairly, if not discriminating, against her by allowing inappropriate comments around her.

"The coaches actually would chug vagisil bottles in front of me filled with Gatorade. Yeah, and then the guys wanted to try it too and that made me feel very uneasy but I really didn't say anything about it cause they are guys. But as it just continued on throughout the rest of the season, it just got to the point where it was just too much and I couldn't do it anymore," said Adrienne.

Adrienne's father Jason says, this is not about playing time.

"I don't think they understand what this is about, it's not about playing time, it's not even about getting what she wants. It's about what happens if there is another girl behind her, and comes up and wants to play, how is she going to be treated," said Blair.

The Blair's and the school signed a written agreement last spring with the Ohio Civil Rights regarding Adrienne's time with the team, dressing rooms and participation level.

Belpre Superintendent Tony Dunn says the school has followed everything.

"I do believe she is being treated fairly. She has the same responsibilities to that team that everybody has," said Dunn.

Adrienne is currently taking Post Secondary Education Class at Washington State Community College. He says when she made the choice to take college classes she has to know what the results would be.

"And when you choose to take college classes as a high school student, and they are outside the regular school day, they are going to conflict with other activities. So, those other activities in this case happen to be a varsity sport practice," said Dunn.

Dunn says Adrienne has missed 10 practices and three, half practices this year. They have had a total of 23 practices so far.

Adrienne says, choosing between school and athletics shouldn't be something she has to do.

Superintendent Dunn says every athlete is treated the same if they miss practice and all dressing rooms issues have been fixed with their agreement last year.

As to the harassment allegations, Dunn says he has not heard anything and that it is unsubstantiated.

Despite the controversy, Adrienne says she doesn't want to sack the season for the team, she just wants to be part of the team.

"It's the school district. I don't want to hurt, I don't want to hurt my guys. Saying this, cause I love my team, they are like the greatest thing ever. (laughs) They're hilarious," said Adrienne.

Adrienne is currently 'in-active" for Saturday's game.

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