Belpre Mailbox Bashing

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It happens once or twice a year; bashed mailboxes turn up throughout town when no one's watching.

Belpre Chief of Police Ernest Clevenger says it's not uncommon but the department only apprehends people one out of five times.

Typically the culprits strike with a baseball bat or similar instrument as they drive by.

Depending on whether it's a kid or adult, they can be charged with criminal mischief and/or vandalism.

"My estimation is that most of the time this is done by multiple individuals in a single car," Clevenger says. "Commonly you're talking young individuals, say 15 to 25 years old (and) it's commonly done at night."

The chief says when there's a rash of mailbox bashings, he increases patrols in the affected areas, but those areas can move from night to night and even from town to town.

People can relocate their mailboxes from the curbside or attach them to the side of the house as a preventive measure, according to Clevenger.

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