Belpre Man Arrested on Meth Charge

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The Washington County Major Crimes Task Force and Belpre Police arrested 46-year-old Michael Packard late Saturday night.

Investigators searched the Belpre man's Walnut Street house, finding several items used for making methamphetamine, including various tubings, bottles and containers, as well as lighter fluid, sulfuric acid, even salt.

Investigators say they were keeping an eye on Packard, by tracking the ingredients he was purchasing.

"Mr. Packard has been sort of a blip on our radar for quite some time, and he had a prior arrest," says Sheriff Larry Mincks. "We received numerous investigative things about him, possibly being involved in meth production, and we felt that we had enough to obtain a search warrant."

Sheriff Mincks says most of the items were found in Packard's kitchen.

The sheriff believes he may have been using the "one pot" or "shake-and-bake" method.

Packard is charged with assembly of chemicals used in the production of methamphetamines.

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