Belpre Leaders Propose Social Media Limitations

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Social media and the workplace.

The debate continues.

With some jobs it is necessary, others you're not allowed to use your phone at all.

There is also the privacy issue.

And one Washington County city hall is proposing changing the rules for employees.

Belpre Mayor Mike Lorentz says no more.

While you are on the clock, you should not be on social media.

He says past situations have brought this issue to the surface and it's not safe or responsible work behavior.

In the committee meeting Monday night Mayor Lorentz says the issue is on the table.

They are going to be bringing forward and drafting legislation that limits the time any city employee is on Facebook.

This is because some of the business conducted at city hall, such as the tax department, police or the mayor's office is private.

The informaton shouln't be discussed or even on Facebook.

"If you are actually on duty, drawing a salary from the city, unless you are doing something specifically for the city that goes on Facebook or whatever you should not be on Facebook, I think that's the biggest issue," says Mayor Lorentz.

This includes Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to protect the city and the employees.

Mayor Lorentz says the penalities depends on what the issue is but there will be disciplinary action and it could cost an employee their job.

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