Belpre Oil and Gas Event

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Fracking in the valley...

It was the topic on everyone's mind Wednesday evening at the Belpre Area Chamber of Commerce's oil and gas event.

Karen Waller, director of the chamber says the message they are putting forth is that the chamber has a lot of services available and a lot of businesses available that oil and gas industry workers would need.

"Our chamber of commerce and it's board of directors is interested in starting conversation in the local area about the impact of the oil and gas industry and any potential changes, any potential preparations, that our business community can make so that we are ready for whatever change might occur in our community," Waller says.

She says she is surprised the event had such a big turnout.

They expected representation from the business community but they had much more.

Business, industry, homeowners, landowners, people interested in business development and citizens wanting to find out how this might impact their quality of life as residents.

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