Belpre Residents Complain of Flooding

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Flood damage is causing some problems in Belpre.

A family on Beach Drive says it's been an issue since they bought their home.

Right on the city and township border, several families are struggling.

They say every time it rains the properties flood.

Sand, gravel and so much water they can't leave the house.

It's become a battle between neighbors, city and township.

So far with no solution.

"We've got a water problem but we're not the cause of it. We got to the point where where we decided to take it in our own hands and start doing the work," says homeowner Sandra Skelly.

"It's really not something the city can address if it's outside the city. Plus, I don't know how you can stop the water from going down the hill," says Belpre Mayor Mike Lorentz.

The city has done some part in fixing their side of the street.

The mayor says the city cleans out their ditch lines every year.

He says the problem may be homeowners who block drainlines under their own properties.

And the Skelly family says this may add to the destruction of their lawn and driveway.

The township has not yet responded on the issue.

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