Belpre Senior Center Expansion

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It's been years in the making and the time has finally come... the Belpre Senior Center is expanding.

"(Such) a wonderful thing and this has been a long planned and anticipated need really for the city of Belpre and the senior center," says Manager Susie Casto.

More than a decade and the center is like a second home to Donna Jean Williamson.

"I have been coming for 14 years. We've been waiting for this addition for almost 14 years. We're so tickled to think that they are pouring concrete because we know something else is gonna come next," Williamson says.

Backing for the project is abundant and makes all the difference.

"With all of the support from grantees and the senior levee and the Washington County senior levee, this dream now is finally becoming a reality," Casto says.

It's been a long time coming with not enough room but the Belpre Senior Center just got bigger.

"Maybe by early spring is a goal I believe that everybody is aiming for and that will actually then double our space at the senior center," Casto says.

The possibilities are endless with the 15-hundred square foot addition and just a few more months of construction before it's unveiled.

"It'll be so nice; there will so many different things that we can do," Williamson says. "There's room for something to go on there and also in here, and you know; it'll just help tremendously."

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