Belpre Memorial Day Ceremony

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Belpre honored the sacrifice of veterans.

Veterans came out in numbers to join family, friends and elected officials on a special Memorial Day.

The Ladies Auxiliary of Belpre helped organize the event.

Bill Harpold, second vice commander of American Legion Post 495 in Belpre says it was really heartfelt to see the crowd brave the rain to be there -- 200 people seated inside and the rest were standing room only.

“To recognize the fallen comrades, fallen veterans that have gone before and to recognize their families and their accomplishments and everything that they've done for this country,” he says.

Harpold says it's all about honoring those veterans who keep us safe and free for what we stand for.

There are still POWs out there being held or they could have died. So it's important to honor them too since their status is unknown.

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