Benefit Dinner Planned for Vincent Fire Victims

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It was late at night when Lisa Snyder saw the flames.

And in just fifteen minutes, her world changed forever.

"It was so devastating to us," she says. "We just never thought something like that would ever happen. It's real scary."

Lisa got her three kids out of the house while her husband tried to stop the fire.

The much needed fire extinguisher was empty.

They watched as everything they owned turned to ash.

"We were able to save some pictures, which was great because it's one of the most important things that I have," Snyder says.

The Snyders say they feel lucky to be so near to their family.

But with three young kids, they are anxious to rebuild their home and their lives.

It'll be hard work and expensive.

There's no insurance to cover the damage.

And Lisa's in school, so funds are tight.

"It's gonna be rough. But with the community, they're helping out a lot," she says.

When friends and neighbors heard about the fire, they were quick to lend a hand.

"They've been a great help dropping off clothes and stuff for the kids. Donations, cash, checks... it's been wonderful," she says.

And friends are also holding a benefit dinner to raise money for the family's new home.

Lisa says the support she's gotten since the tragedy has given her a new sense of strength and faith that her family can get through anything.

The Snyders say they hope to rebuild a new home on the same spot.

The benefit dinner at Barlow Fairgrounds Saturday runs from noon to 6:00.

The community hopes this will give them the help they need to start rebuilding their lives.

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