Betsey Mills Club Preps For Pot Pie Fundraiser

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Over 1,200 servings of chicken pot pie.

But don't forget the green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, coleslaw and cake.

The Betsey Mills Club's biggest fundraiser is this weekend.

Volunteers worked hard in the kitchen Wednesday preparing the chicken pot pies, cooking the sauce and putting the pies together.

Preparations will continue all week and through the big event Saturday.

"Every year we have grown, so this year we are looking for a big year," says Leeann Johnson, Betsey Mills Club trustee. "The most important thing is the Betsey cannot survive without the support of the community and we really love it when people are able to come and even dine in, in the gym and experience the entire building, it's great."

Johnson says Friday is a take-out day and they will even deliver to local businesses.

Hoping to raise $15,000, the money raised will go to not only operational costs but a new boiler and heating system for the club.

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