Beverly Community Makes Christmas Possible

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Giving a Christmas to over 50 families, it's all made possible by a small community's big heart.

One Beverly father hoping to give a Christmas to his three children says he's thankful to be surrounded by so many caring people. "It's amazing. I mean I come from California and they don't have anything like that and I mean the community just coming together like this. Just amazing," explains Ray Wikelman.

It's toys for kids and over 120 Beverly and Waterford children will now have a Christmas. "Wonderful toys, everything is always new and then food," continues Wikelman, "all kinds of stuff, toilet paper, anything you can think of they have it."

It's all put on by the Beverly American Legion but it's all possible with the community's donations and volunteers. Those donations added up to enough food, toys and a meal for 52 families.

"The boys scouts gathered the food. They gathered over 2100 pounds of food for us, they sorted it," explains volunteer Lois Tucker with the American Legion Auxilory 389. "We have food boxes for every family, we have bags of toys for every family, we have ham, potatoes, and oranges for every family."

And many of the volunteers became emotional talking about the community's thoughfulness. "I have been overwhelmed," continues Tucker.

"Every year it's just overwhelming, the outbreak of generosity we feel. It's just an overwhelming task to take," says another volunteer.

A community coming together to bring joy to everyone this holiday season.

"I just want to say thank you for the community," says thankful father, Wikelman.

The American Legion has been doing this for ever 40 years. The community gave over 2,100 pounds of food $6000 in toys.

"We have some donors that have been with us for all those 40 some years. We're very happy that they've stayed with us," says another volunteer. "We also have many new ones this year, we had one company from New York City that sent us a very large donation."

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